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Vehicle Graphics Wrap for Creative Solutions Ford Ranger


We take a lot of pride being able to show off projects, installations and all manners of print for our clients across the UK on our blogs. This one focuses around our own recently wrapped Ford Ranger!

We have worked for many moons in the Print and Vehicle Graphics installation industry, hopefully the vast range of products and their blogs you can find here shows the vast variety we can offer, and the skills of our team.

We have a dedicated page All About Creative Solutions here.


If you have been able to see our previosu blog, you will know we also recently installed our new branding in vinyl on our large shutter door facing the industrial estate.

This project was an extension of that installation, making sure our branding is visible in all areas of our business. The best way to get your business and organisation visible, is utilising all your assets to market for you, as much as possible in a 24/7 period!

Fleet Vehicle Graphics are well placed in all industry sectors, all it takes is one passer-by to spot, remember, and think of your business the next time they are in need and check out your website, app, or drop you a call.

We also used this internal work to test our own processes and improve the customer experience overall.

We followed the process of a customer inquiring after vehicle graphics and wrapping, formulated quotes for the work needing to be done, contacted are brilliant in-house Design Studio to create the vehicle graphics artwork, proofed, reworked and proofed again, and scheduled this with our Production Team and Purchasing Team to source the vinyl, and make sure the vehicle wrapping area was clear in the diary.


We are lucky enough to have all the services in-house to complete jobs like this for our own business ventures, and want to make sure you all have access to this with as much information as possible, and a dedicated team in each area who will walk you through the process.

If you are looking for personal car wrapping, or works vehicle graphics from hatchbacks to lorries, we can offer the full service of print to installation.

To find out more about working with Creative Solutions on your vehicle graphics, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at

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Posted by Samantha on February 10th 2022

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