Brand Design for Deli Weli

Brand Design and Signage for Deli-Weli, Lyme Regis

As written by our lead designer Leigh;

The client came to us with a brief that they required a new brand designed for their new venture, a delicatessen in Lyme Regis, The Pearl of Dorset. In a prime location, the business needed an attention-grabbing look and feel. Offering an authentic deli experience, every aspect of the business was carefully looked at from a customer-facing point of view. So natural wood and muted colours were to be used inside and outside.

From a briefing session with the client on site, I was able to imagine the final design, and what the final shop would look like. The client had a name already; Deli-Weli, and wanted a wellington boot somewhere in the design. From a brand design point of view, I already had imagined the final logo. The next challenge was convincing the client. I produced a series of other options for them to see, in case my vision was not what they had in mind.

Initially, the client did pick an alternative design to my preferred option. However, the next day they had a change of heart and I was able to plough ahead with creating all the other brand characters for Deli-Weli.

These included using blackboard effect imagery with a chalk-based typeface to communicate to the customer. I also illustrated several items such as fruit and veg; making these look like chalk drawings, to be used to give some character to the chalkboards.

I wanted to keep the brand logo unique and ring-fenced, so all other communications should use a different secondary typeface or branding design. For example, I illustrated and created the "Hoggy Roast" brand. For this, I wanted to create something unique that could be used as a stand-alone high street brand.

Internally I wanted to keep to this rule and used unique typefaces to create a bespoke feel. I wanted to create the effect that the internal comms were all handcrafted. I wanted a traditional, authentic feel.

The client was delighted with the end result. The new business is set to open this coming weekend on Saturday 26th May, why not head down if you're in the area?

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Posted by Design Studio on May 24th 2018

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