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Bevin Gardens Window Graphics and Signage


Kier Living is a building contractor, established 70 years ago with a great reputation for building affordable and high-quality homes. They liaise with prospective homeowners and estate agents and, in May 2019, was awarded the Best Partnership with a Local Authority Building Control Team Award for work with Plymouth City Council.


To help advertise up and coming houses in the Bevin Gardens site, Kier Living asked us at Creative Solutions to create and install some building development signage - an advertisement for the front window onsite in Yeovil, and three additional indoor signs to provide further information. 


Our studio combined existing artwork from a Bevin Gardens brochure with original, individual content in order to create products which matched the current styles while simultaneously generating new interest from prospective buyers. Once the client approved our designs, we set about printing them offsite and then travelled onsite to put up the signage in Somerset. 

A front window vinyl was created in two pieces to accommodate the installation around a wooden panel running through the middle. The artwork, advertising Bevin Gardens and Kier Living with some additional information, was printed onto gloss vinyl, backed in white for application to the inside of the glass.

The three additional indoor signs were full-colour, self-adhesive pieces in a matt laminate finish, including a sign exclusively for the Bevin Gardens logo. Once applied to 5mm PVC board and mounted on the wall, blue LED lights were laid underneath to create an attractive, intriguing finishing touch.

Kier Living were very pleased with the final result, with the job taking one working day.

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Posted on October 18th 2019

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