Bespoke Exhibition Stand for Mantra Court
T3 Exhibition Stand by Creative Solutions
Customised Exhibition Stand for Mantra Court

Bespoke T3 Exhibition Stand for Mantracourt

Mantracourt Electronics Ltd

Strain Gauge and Load Cell Signal Conditioners, Wireless Radio Telemetry

Mantracourt Electronics are industry leading suppliers to many OEM sensor manufacturers worldwide. They specialise in instrumentation for strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors, temperature sensors and other displays and controls. They serve a wide range of industries with over 1,000 products which they developed themselves. 

For over 40 years Mantracourt Electronics have providing cutting edge measurement technology to a wide range of  industries ranging from automotive to space exploration.


Create a bespoke display for upcoming events 

Mantracourt Electronics approached us looking for a bespoke, transportable display for upcoming events they would be attending. The first event was a large automotive show in Detroit, USA showcasing the very latest technologies and services in automotive testing and which would require eye-catching graphics to really stand out amongst its competitors in this field. 

We decided a T3 exhibition stand display would meet the transportation and portability criteria, but that was only half the job since the display would also need graphics.


A unique, expertly printed portable T3 exhibition stand

Because the stand had to be transportable, we moved the design process completely in-house, so we could consult our production team on the best way forward. It was decided that the display should fold down on itself to fit into a flight case and wheeled graphics tube. This way, the display could be safely transported in an aircraft’s hold whilst safely protecting the graphics. 

Printing started at our Axminster unit shortly afterwards. The Bloodhound SSC is the focal point of the display, so it was decided that this would take a prominent position at the bottom of the display. To the left upper corner, the slogan ‘KNOW NO LIMITS’ and a paragraph of inspirational text was printed. The display’s graphics were beautifully crisp and sharp, ensuring Mantracourt stood out at their events. We also built a custom bracket for the display which can hold a tablet computer. 

T3 exhibition stands are the world’s most innovative and versatile kits for building exhibition stands. They are a compact and flexible modular display system that can be configured in to a massive range of shapes and designs, with almost endless possibilities. It’s designed to carry a range of printed media that we print in-house, including rigid, rollable panels, textiles and fabrics.

To find out more about working with Creative Solutions on your bespoke exhibition display or how T3 exhibition stands work, speak to our team on 01297 630130 or email us at

Posted by Jedd on March 27th 2018

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