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Bespoke Protection Screens for BLME


An award-winning bank, BLME is committed to providing personalised financial solutions with outstanding customer services tailored to each of its clients. Their team includes international bankers, product specialists, and leading experts in finance allowing you to make informed decisions with an international banking house dedicated to its clients.

Their premises in London are as diligently designed as their financial packages. No expense was spared when it came to their professionalism, and need for an equally modern and cutting-edge installation of prevention screens in their front-of-house area.

Spurred by the pandemic and the need to protect staff and visitors, BLME got in contact for a bespoke package of protective screens and fixings to be fitted in their London based venue, so we packed the van and off we went!


As leading-edge professionals, BLME needed a bespoke package able to slot and fit into their pre-existing foyer desk set-up. Protective screens offer not only preventative measures in cross-contamination brought on by the recent pandemic but also as a safety measure for staff and visitors when working in a transaction-based environment.

Screens needed to be supplied that could span the circumference of the desked area, with transaction cut-outs and bespoke fixings to match the interior decor.

All measurements needed to be precise and accurate to allow the chosen stainless steel brackets to hold the acrylic screens firmly in place.

With the Creative Solutions van packed and ready, our Installations Team were ready to head into London.


Even before the pandemic, protective screens have been employed by reception areas, shop counters, banks, post offices, and supermarkets for the safety of staff and visitors. Although they now serve a dual purpose for viral and bacterial prevention as well as safety, this does not mean you shouldn't be able to customise the screens to suit your business and branding.

BLME were supplied with made-to-measure crystal clear acrylic sheets, with flame polished mail slots cut into each sheet. Flame polishing is a finishing touch that can be applied to any cut acrylic edge. It allows the acrylic to be perfectly clear, with a glass-like finish the same as the face. Without this optional extra, edges can appear dull and visible. We smooth any cut edges as standard, but flame polishing is the premium finishing option making acrylic look like glass and highly professional.

To support these large screens, bespoke brushed stainless steel brackets were creating, matching the visible metalwork already situated at BLME. These were installed and the acrylic was then slotted into place.

BLME has gone the extra mile to protect its staff and visitors, proving protective screens can look incredibly smart if crafted and installed correctly. We hope these screens offer years of protection and very much welcome you to our Client Portfolio.

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Posted by Samantha on July 28th 2021

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