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Bespoke Brushed Copper Effect ACM for Little Boutique


Little Boutique in Beaminster went big and bold with some custom brushed copper effect ACM paneling in their shop, as well as more window decals to bring their shop to life. A Client we have had the pleasure of working with before called again to add to their collection and make their little haven even brighter.

Little Boutique is perfect for affordable fashion, home decor and living, as well as beauty, and gift ideas. Their beautiful collection is ever-changing but never loses its ability to offer comfort, style and timeless designs.

We had originally worked with the store and fitted them with some custom window vinyls and outdoor signage solutions which perfectly reflected their stylish and ageless branding. You can read the story here.


Little Boutique came back to us after an installation of window decals to add to their collection and finish the vinyl applications for their bay window. This included the foliage style printed decals along the base of the windows, and the text vinyls along the top.

We also supplied some beautiful brushed copper paneling, one for the wall with the wonderful Shakespeare quote, "Though she be but little she is fierce." - a homage to not only the size of the shop but its beautiful collection and bountiful associated brands it hosts. A matching countertop copper tray was also provided, contrasting perfectly against their wooden desk.


The Little Boutique is definitely a gem on the Beaminster highstreet. Set in dark blue, now with copper finishes, it offers its customers a wonderful range of products and clothing, and its branding and colours reflect this luxury entirely.

The largest installations on this project were the two brushes copper pieces. The countertop copper tray is produced by folding a 3mm dibond, or Aluminium Composite sheet to the exact measurements, it is then prepped and wrapped in the printed brushed copper finish to offer years of protection and that beautiful metallic sheen. In the same way, the flat ACM board is produced, and the white gloss text applied to the face.

Having created the window graphics previously, we had the artwork to hand and could produce more in the same format.

Not many know either that we can provide even the smallest of prints also, and supplied Little Boutique with some garment labels customised to their design.

A great experience all round working with LB once more, and a fantastic installation by the Creative Team, well done!

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Posted by Samantha on July 15th 2021

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