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Palmers Brewery Bespoke Exhibition Stand
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Creative Solutions were delighted to be commissioned by Palmers Brewery to assist in the design, build and install of a bespoke exhibition ahead of The Great British Beer Festival 2017 at Olympia, London. Working from scratch to create a new customised exhibition stand, we worked with representatives of Palmers Brewery to create a truly memorable display.

Initially, Creative Solutions operations director Jedd Whittington worked with members of the Palmers team to come with initial ideas and to start to formulate ideas on a shape and style. The key requirement was to creatively fill a 3x3m space at the venue. Ideas were put together and a mock-up was produced by Palmers with our advice on which elements would work and look best. 

We felt a lightbox mounted at the top would really help Palmers stand out from competitors at the festival. A design was then finalised from which a carpenter sourced from the client was able to build the whole base of the stand from scratch. We recommended raised flooring to allow the level to be adjusted if the floor is uneven, and to allow the beer pipes to run underneath and remain hidden from view. Jedd then worked with Palmers designer Luke Machin to decide how large to make all the components of the exhibition stand, keeping it relative to how the graphics would fit and be viewed.

The frame of the exhibition stand as built by the Palmers carpenter, before being overlaid with full colour printed vinyl by our installation team

Once the stand was constructed, we liaised with Palmers again to discuss final branding, taking measurements to apply vinyl direct to the bare woodwork. We were then able to advise the carpenter on the steps to take before application such as PVA, plaining and filing. Our installation team then sanded down the stand in preparation for vinyl application. The high tack vinyl, printed in-house in Axminster, was then installed on the back wall, top of bar and bar front as per the photos. The lightbox was then installed on top of the stand.

The end result was a fantastic bespoke exhibition stand from which Palmers could showcase their beer selection at The Great British Beer Festival in London. The project was completed both on time and on budget, much to our client's satisfaction.

To find out more about bespoke exhibition stands and how Creative Solutions can help your business, don't hesitate to contact us on 01297 630130 or email us at

Posted by Jedd on August 17th 2017

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