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A 'By the Book' Approach to Creating Educational Wallpaper


Beechen Cliff School in Bath was founded in 1896, and it prides itself on its 'traditional' values. 

The school's aim is to not only teach a strong academic curriculum but also to help pupils develop essential life skills - like compassion and resilience - to help them thrive when they reach adulthood.

The staff have gone to great lengths to ensure that Beechen Cliff is an environment in which pupils get the most out of their education. One of the ways they are trying to achieve this is to fill the school library's shelves with fiction titles that will capture their imaginations and encourage them to read more.


Beechen Cliff got in touch with Creative Solutions as they wanted to install some educational wallpaper on the walls near the library. They sent us an image of some shelves filled with books as a reference, so we understood the style they wanted.


The graphic that the school supplied was low resolution. Since the books were supposed to appear at a life-sized scale, this created a problem. Reproducing it on printed wallpaper over such a large space with realistic-looking lighting, dimensions and composition wasn't feasible. After extensive picture research, we discovered there were no suitable stock images that matched the client's vision.

We were determined to deliver a finished product that met our client's expectations. So we decided that, if we can't find the right image, we'd create it ourselves. Using a multitude of expert Photoshop techniques, the team recreated the original picture book by book until we had made a high-resolution, compelling picture that was big enough to fit the space that the wallpaper needed to fill.

Once the walls were "made good" by school staff following our instructions, our fitters then visited the school in Bristol to apply the wallpaper. 

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Posted on October 16th 2019

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