Banner Stands - Key Differences

Banner stands are used by virtually every industry and can be a minefield of choice, type and style. There are many manufacturers ranging from the cheapest chinese imports, to the high quality British manufactured stands.

As with most products the choice can be confusing, I will attempt to point out the main types to help you through the process.

There are many different types of banner stands out there, each with different functions and a different purpose. I have created a basic list of the most common, and most commonly confused. These are roller, tension, cassette roller and outdoor banner stands.

Let's take a quick look at the differences between them...


Roller banner stands are a very straightforward, effective and professional-looking exhibiting solution. You can set them up in minutes by simply erecting the base and pole, then securing your banner by drawing it up out of the base where it is stored when not in use. The banner is secured at the top rail and should stretch out smoothly and evenly provided you have opted for a high quality stand and banner. This gives the graphic maximum protection when transporting, whilst keeping it compact enough to be easy to carry hand luggage. Roller banner stands are currently the most popular on the market.


Whilst taking slightly longer to set up than their roller counterparts, tension banner stands have an extra advantage in that they make it easier to switch between banners and graphic displays. As the graphic is secured externally to the stand and not rewound into the base, changing them mid-display is a piece of cake.

Cassette roller

Another popular range of pull up stands with the graphic panel stored in a removable cassette that fits into the base . To erect stand simply slot pole to base, pull out printed panel and attach to top of pole . All roller banner stands include a canvas carry bag for transportation and storage highly recommended for all display requirements with added benefit of quick change graphics facility. This is particularly useful in areas such as hotel foyers where different days have different events (e.g wedding and conference). The same base can be used for different graphics saving on cost.


There is an extensive range of external banner stands and graphic walls, purpose-designed for outdoor events with fully-waterproof graphic panel and water-filled bases for extra stability. Some models include carry bags for transportation and storage. These have non-rusting parts so can be used in all conditions. The water fillable base gives an extra 50kg of weight to combat the wind. Perfect for fetes and outdoor events.


Posted on January 10th 2012

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