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Art Deco Style Window Graphics for Archway Bookshop



Our longstanding client from Axminster Properties got in contact to order some renewed window graphics for the front of the store to match the existing styling and size. The currently windows have several types of glass, held together with intricate leadwork.

“Trinity House is in itself a big slice of Axminster’s history and we greatly admire what Ian Styles and Axminster Property are achieving there. To be a part of that and of Axminster’s general resurgence is a massive opportunity and I am confident we can give the town a bookshop that will attract visitors from a distance as well as our loyal local customers." Simon Holmes, Owner of Archway Bookshop.

In keeping with the building's exterior, Archway has managed to keep its quirk, whilst gaining over double the floor space of its pre-existing Church Street home. If you didn't know already, the bookshop is also conveniently neighboured by the Community Waffle House, making a great afternoon treat combination. This sympathetic reconstruction of the previous art deco window is great to see in modern applications such as window vinyl!


Although simple in appearance, this window effect has been created using 3 layers of vinyl! Wanting to match the mottled glass effect transparency perfectly, we took to applying the vinyl to the outside of our own building to see just how they compare. Having found the perfect match, this mottled glass effect is then printed on a vinyl that has a matte laminate.

The next step is then to replicate the leadwork you can see in the blog post about Archway Bookshops Stand-Off Lettering, which holds the different types of glass together. the colour is copied directly from the leadwork, and a matching CMYK colour found.

The third and final layer is then made from an external grade, long-term usage silver etched frosted vinyl, inlaid for the small parts of the window around the edges, and bottom square on the inner corner.

Printed in positive applied to the outside of the glass, the design and vinyl's used do make you stand back to try and find the differences! Even as a Marketeer writing these blogs, I am constantly amazed by not only the versatility of the products and materials we work with, but also by the imagination and commitment of our clients to source these materials that match their brief and can work with what is already in place.

We are loving Archway Bookshop's new paint job, and wish Simon, his team, and all those at Axminster Properties a prosperous Christmas Season and New Year at the store!

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Posted by Samantha on December 21st 2021

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