Are your clients in love with you?

Are your clients in love with you?

When talking about building customer loyalty, generating repeat business, or retaining long term clients, it is possible to reduce matters to one simple question: ‘are your clients in love with your business - your service, your product?' 

If not, why not?

1.     Is your product a joy to use - is it easy and fun to use. Does it work every time? Is it aesthetically pleasing?

2.     Does your product or service really make a difference to your client's world? Help make their day run smoothly, save time, generate sales, create good will?

3.     When it comes to your product and service, are you the best person to turn to? Are you passionate about what you do? Are you the expert, the super geek in your business area? Are you the geek that all the other geeks turn to when they want to ‘know' how?

4.     Does using your service or product help raise your client's credibility? What is your reputation worth to your client?

5.     Do your products make your client more successful? More profitable, more efficient, a greater communicator.

6.     Are you a proper grown up? Is your house in order?  Are your structures and work flow systems optimised to give your clients a product or service that will add value to their business?

7.     Are you available? Do your clients know who you are and what you are all about? Do they know that your business aspirations chime with their own? Do you have the time to get to know your clients better: on Facebook or twitter, or wherever they hang out?

8.     Are you committed to a long term relationship? Are you prepared to invest in your relationship with your clients? Do you reward your clients, celebrate their successes and milestones? Are you researching and anticipating their future business needs and preparing to meet them better than anyone else?

I wanted to share this with you today, becuase it is the standard we are setting ourselves when thinking about our relationship with our clients.



Posted on April 10th 2012

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