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Aluminium Finger Post Signage for Mary Anning Rocks


Aluminium Finger Post Signage for Mary Anning Rocks


Mary Anning Rocks

This charitable team is on a mission to provide a visual acknowledgement and reminder of local Palaeontologist, Mary Anning. You will find the statue at the junction between Long Entry and Gun Cliff Walk on the Lyme Regis coast front, just a short distance from the town.

The installation of the statue marked the culmination of a four year campaign by the Mary Anning Rocks group which was started by schoolgirl Evie Swire, then aged 11 and her mother, Anya Pearson. 

"We see the statue as an inspirational presence in the landscape where she worked, to inspire and show people, young and old, locals and visitors alike, that great things can be achieved from almost impossible circumstances." - Mary Anning Rocks

Mary Anning Rocks Finger Post 2.5mm Aluminium Signage Artwork Design
Mary Anning Rocks Lyme Regis Finger Post Signage


Representative Signage

The team at Mary Anning Rocks were looking to add an additional signage panel to existing finger posts signs around Lyme Regis to be help locals and tourists locate Mary Annings statue. The first drafts of this signage were made to blend with the other 'walking men', but this just didn't seem right...

One of the teams founding beliefs is to re-address the inequality of representation of women in the past, present, and future, and passionately pursue a goal to honour the memory and contribution of historical figures and how they are remembered, starting with Mary Anning, so it seemed only fitting to get our Graphic Designers involved to swap out the walking man symbol, for a profile cut out of Mary herself.

Mary Anning Rocks Lyme Regis Finger Post Signage
Mary Anning Rocks Lyme Regis Finger Post Signage


Future Proof Signage

The signmaker's choice for all external signage. 2.5mm Aluminium panels can be cut to any shape.

Professional aluminium signage creations can either be direct-printed or most often are faced with your design printed onto a high-tack self-adhesive vinyl, finished with a matt or gloss 7-year guaranteed laminate.

The aluminium itself is incredibly long-lasting, will not rust and is perfect for signage situated in a seaside town such as Lyme Regis.

We supplied the printed arrow signs double-sided, with the correct mounting fixings for the posts already in situ. We are really thankful the team shared these images with us after installation as Lyme Regis is actually where it all began for us, and is home to many of our own team.

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Posted by Samantha on December 22nd 2023

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