All About Large Format Print - Part 2: Correx

Large Format Print Guide: Correx

So you made it through the low-down on Vinyl Printing, and you're keen to find out what Correx is and how it can help your business. Either that or you're on a lunch break looking for something to read... Either way, let's continue to delve into the wonderful world of large format printing. 

Part 2 is all about Correx.

What is Correx?

Correx Board: Estate Agent Signs

'Correx' is actually a trade name for corrugated plastic. It's an incredibly lightweight, rigid material that is commonly used for short-term signage. It's often known as a fluted plastic, due to the polypropylene flutes that it's constructed from.

Most people know Correx as the Estate Agent Sign boards, the 'For Sale' signs that you see outside people's houses. More often than not they're made from Correx. As well being used for signage, you will often see Correx being used for storage and transport due to its light weight. 

From an environmental perspective, Correx is a useful option as polypropylene can be recycled. 

Correx is commonly available in thicknesses ranging between 2 and 5mm depending on what it's to be used for. It can be fixed in a number of ways, commonly screwed, nailed or glued.

What is Correx used for?

Used for a wide range of applications, Correx is perhaps most famously known for its use as Estate Agent sign boards. Due to its light weight and rigidity, it's perfectly suited for short-term signage. Why not long term I hear you ask? It's not ideal for long term signage as despite being rigid, it isn't as strong as other substrates and can bend along the flutes or fade over time. The plastic flutes will go either long ways or short ways along the edge, making it susceptible to bending or losing shape in strong winds.

It can be used both indoor and outdoor and has excellent colour reproduction when printed. As well as signage, Correx is a popular choice for exhibition and trade show graphics. Correx is easily cut to shape, allowing you to create bespoke signage solutions.

Common uses include POS signage, retail display, short term signage, estate agent signs and exhibition graphics.

Advantages of Correx

+ Incredibly lightweight yet rigid

+ Can be used indoor or outdoor

+ Ideally suited for short term signage or exhibition graphics

+ Fantastic colour reproduction

+ Comparatively cheap

+ Can be custom shaped

Disadvantages of Correx

- Susceptible to bending in high winds

- Short life span

- Not as rigid and durable as other substrates

A4 Correx Signs

A4 Correx Signs

Custom Shaped Correx Signs

Custom Shaped Correx Signs

Correx Signs in Production

Correx Signs in Production

Fluted Plastic Board- Correx

Fluted Plastic Correx Boards

How is Correx printed?

We digitally print directly onto the Correx using UV inks. The printed boards can then be matt or gloss laminated for added protection. It normally has a white finish on the back and front, however other colours are available on request.

Up next...

That's all for today. Hopefully you're now a Correx wizard and know exactly what you can and can't do with it. It's a great product, and really affordable too. Stay with it, tomorrow it's Foamex

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Posted by Rob on October 25th 2016

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