Advice on greener exhibiting

A few years ago, sustainable and eco-friendly options for exhibiting were limited and not all that appealing. Things have changed a lot since then and many more products and solutions are available, resulting in more exhibitors and designers than ever seeing a ‘green' focus to their display stand design as a key selling point.

It is possible to be green without compromising the effectiveness of your exhibition, as well as its aesthetic appeal. There are plenty of ways you can make your exhibition appearances more sustainable. Try a few of these tips, then make sure you tell your visitors and customers about them.

1. Opt for display solutions that can be reused. For example, choose versatile, modular display stands that can be reconfigured into a unique display every time. Additionally, never under-estimate the usefulness of staple exhibiting tools such as noticeboards and literature dispensers that can be used time and time again without damaging the ‘freshness' of your display.

2. Make greater use of multimedia. Digital picture frames and plasma interactive touch screens can be customised to display show-specific messages, therefore eliminating the need for single-use solutions.

3. Focus your energies on shows and exhibitions that are strategically important to your sales or marketing campaign. It may be that you make fewer appearances but are able to focus on really making an impression on the shows you do attend.


Posted on May 5th 2011

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