Add Value to your client’s Personal Brand

Last week we were talking about the ways in which our clients in effect now all have personal brands which they manage via social media to communicate to different audiences in their lives, and how these interactions have an impact on their social standing, and status.

This week I wanted to continue our conversation by talking about the potential of getting to grips with this phenonmenon.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if you eased up with the effort of ‘trying' to get your clients to engage and interact with your brand, and instead you started truly engaging with your clients' personal brand. This does not need to be's actually really straight forward.

1.  Pay attention  

2. Champion your clients
Say happy birthday
Celebrate anniversaries
Acknowledge mile stones and achievements (the marathon they ran, the house they sold, their exam results)

2.       Comment on their blogs

3.       Share their work

4.       If your clients make stuff, listen to it, view it - review it.

5.       Introduce your clients to contacts online that might be useful to them

6.       Instead of asking for feedback, ask your client's what their dreams and goals are - cheer them on.

Try it for three months with a section of your clients and see what it does to the quality and level of engagement you have.

Posted on April 19th 2012

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