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ACM Wood Effect Honours Boards for East Devon District Council


ACM Wood Effect Honours Boards for East Devon District Council


East Devon District Council

Honours Boards are still to this day a popular form of display in schools, universities, sports clubs, local authorities and committee offices. They are traditional in look and feel, often made of high-quality varnished wood, emblazoned with a logo. In modern years though, honours boards have been reimagined as clear acrylic plaques or even wrapped metal panels with names and dates applied overtop.

In any setting and made from any material though, they are used to proudly display names and titles of those over the years holding a certain position, accomplishing an achievement or being a recognised devoted member of that institution.

Old Design - Faded Vinyl & Large Text Font Limiting Room
New Design - Fresh Cut-Vinyl Lettering In A Luminous Gold


Refreshing Existing Displays

Working with the East Devon District Council (EDDC) for this display update was a breeze with a simple brief. Two of their honours boards needed names added, but the vinyl from past additions was starting the fade, calling for an update for both boards to receive a well-needed modernisation and fresh appearance.

The boards were constructed from boards of wood, and placed behind a frame with the embossed logo on display. Over the years these boards had seen a lot of UV from the windows opposite, as well as seen different applications of the names and dates including traditional signwriting with paint, and self-adhesive vinyl in later years. This caused the boards in some places to fade badly and also caused some of the older vinyl applications to peel.

It was decided the boards needed to be replaced in their entirety but still fit within the wooden frames. The lettering could also become much smaller and still highly visible, also solving the issue of space for future names to easily be added.

With 2023 being a year for forward-thinking, innovative, contemporary and sharp design elements, we set to work creating a new panel display for both boards that would be an apt replacement, whilst also remaining traditional in appearance and much longer lasting.

Old Design - Faded Vinyl & Large Text Font Limiting Room
New Design - Wood Effect Wrapped ACM With New Gold Vinyl Lettering


Future-Proof Architectural Finishes

As the wood was beginning to fail on both the 'Chair of The East Devon District Council' and 'Honourary Alderman' Boards, it was decided both needed to be replaced, but needed to be a material that was lightweight and highly future-proof and would not see the same aging as the previous wooden boards causing the vinyl names to fail and peel.

We knew the highly popular signage material Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) would fit the bill in terms of longevity, lightweight construction and incredibly budget-friendly pricing, but wanted to make these look like a like-for-like replacement.

Introducing Architectural Finish Films. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes are decorative surface finishes for interior applications, available in over 1000 designs. If you are looking for the warmth of wood grain, a sleek feel of metal, or maybe the cool essence of natural stone, these new films can offer it all in over 1000 different finishes.

The ACM panels are completely wrapped in matching wood grain vinyl that replicated EDDC's original wooden boards with a matt finish and slight surface texture to feel like wood grain. Our team then painstakingly cut and weeded the lettering of all the dates and names for precision application on top in a soft gold high-tack vinyl.

This will allow the EDDC team to contact us in the future to add and adjust names with ease, without needing to replace the boards for many, many years to come, and also keep them looking fresh and vibrant

It was a pleasure to work with EDDC on this display project and also test some of the new 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes range for future projects!

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Posted by Samantha on December 5th 2023

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