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ACM Wayfinding Signage for Millers Farm Shop


ACM Wayfinding Signage for Millers Farm Shop


Millers Farm Shop

"Run by James & Olivia Miller, Millers Farm Shop has been growing and selling locally sourced produce for over forty years. The shop is an Aladdin’s Cave of the most sumptuous food imaginable... The friendly atmosphere of a family-run working farm with people, who really know their stuff and are passionate about great food, completes this heavenly shopping experience." Millers Farm Shop, About Us

Totem ACM PAnel Sign for Millers Farm Shop in Kilmington
Toliet Direction Signage for Millers Farm Shop - ACM Panel Sign Fixed To Wooden Slat Wall


Easy & Effective Panel Signage For Your Business

Millers' was looking to add additional directional signage to their site to make the customer experience that much easier and enjoyable. We had been on the site not long before installing ACM business signage for Love Ria who have been at Millers Farm Shop since 2022.

With the farm situated on a busy commuter road between Honiton, Axminster and Lyme Regis, this A35 business gets many visitors throughout the year tucking into the local delicacies, seasonal pop-up shops and other businesses on the site. As the wave of summer visitors has come to an end, Miller's noted a need to be able to help visitors not only find them more easily from the roadside, but also the amenities whilst on site.

To start this project the team chose 3 main signage installations: a new large flat-panel roadside sign to fit into an existing totem pole, measuring over 2-meters wide. Directional signs to the toliet and bathrooms, brilliantly titled 'The Pee Pot', and the last for their deliveries and collections.

The Millers Farm Shop branding is already highly visible and well known in the area with their warm cream background and forest green italic font. Adding small imagery of painted vegetables gives the signage an old market feel and welcomes customers to the shop in a truly rural style.

2440 x 1160mm ACM Panel Sign Fitted Within Existing Metal Totem On Roadside
Directional Signage For The Toliets At Millers Farm Shop - ACM Panel Mounted To Wooden Slat Wall
Rivet Mounted ACM Panel Sign For Business Goods In And Collections
Close Up Rivet Mounted ACM Panel Sign For Business Goods In And Collections
Easy To Read Directional Signage For Customer Amenities On Site At Your Business


Easy Directional Panel Signage

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) an incredibly versatile signage material, and is used more often now than sheet aluminium due to its budget friendly pricing, adaptability when it comes to shaping and vinyl facing, the fact its lightweight for mounting, as well as its hard wearing and long-lasting properties.

ACM is two smooth aluminium sheets, sandwiched either side of a strong plastic core. ACM can be direct printed for short-term signage displays, or in most cases, is vinyl wrapped for long-lasting external signage like here for Millers Farm Shop.

Your signage design is printed onto a high-tack vinyl which can be laminated to give it a 1, 5 or 7-year guarantee, is UV-resistant and make it weatherproof. This is then expertly applied to the ACM, ready for its final installation. When vinyl wrapped, we offer the differing warranty levels to suit your display needs and the amount of time the signage will be needed for, as it is much more likely the vinyl will need to be refreshed or replaced before the ACM wears out.

With the range of fixings and displays ACM can be used for, Millers have been able to adapt their brilliant warm, 'olde'-style farm market branding onto a sophisticated and modern signage material.

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Posted by Samantha on September 26th 2023

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