About Linear Modular Displays

The simplest way to make sense of Linear Modular Displays is to think of them as a display system made up of a series aluminium frames, profile components and accessories which can be put together to meet your design requirements. Once the basic shape, the frame work or skeleton is decided upon, accessories like LCD and audio displays, literature dispensers and flag holders can be added to the configuration. And of course seamless graphics can be fixed.

The beauty of this is the flexibility you have. You can have a simple one panel wall, a curved wall, or a combination thereof. You can have returns - creating corners or nooks. You can combine free standing elements, like flag holders, or free standing poster walls or counters with your main display.

Linear Modular Displays are designed to be lightweight and portable, but also to be sturdy - they can hold between 40 to 50 kg. The bases are weighted and there is a choice of feet shape you can have - oval, steel round, beech thermoformed or domed. These systems are designed for use as semi-permanent displays at exhibitions, trade fairs, but also to work equally well as permanent features in shopping centres, showroom, or reception areas.

If would unfair of me not to also mention that aesthetically Modular Display Systems are clean and elegant; they look and feel contemporary. Please do take a closer look. Click here.

Our Linear Modular Displays come with a 10 year manufacturers' warranty. If you would like any more information about Modular Display Systems, or a general chat about your exhibition, please give me a call on 01297 444 665.

Posted on May 14th 2012

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