About Dibond Signs

Dibond is the premier brand name of one of the most popular sign and display making materials on the market today: the Aluminum Composite Sheet.  It is commonly used on shop fascias,  on trade show signage, construction site notices, street, school and church signs.

The simplest way to describe Dibond is as two aluminium panels thermobonded together to a polythene core.  This composite is strong, rigid and durable. It is engineered to be light weight, UV resistant and waterproof.  The two aluminium covers sheets are finished with a quality lacquer creating a flawless surface which is a dream to print on. The application of cut vinyl graphics works equally well.

Dibond essentially offers the look of aluminium without its weight or risk of rusting, which makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor signs. The sheets come in 2mm, 3mm or 4mm thickness with can be drilled, nailed, screwed, riveted or bonded on to pretty much any surface.

Dibond is available in different grades some designed for flat (rigid) panel applications, and others for bending - to use in tray signs. It comes in a range of colours, veneers as well as brushed bronze,  silver or gold.

If you would like any more information about Dibond and signage, give me a call today on 01297 630130. Also, you should definitely check out our signage pages.

Posted on April 23rd 2012

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