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Banner Stand Buyers Guide

What is a banner stand?

Most commonly used for trade shows and exhibitions, Banner Stands are an enduring favourite for marketers across the UK. A Banner Stand is essentially a portable, upright banner that is supported by a sturdy base with a pole to hold it up at the back. 

Banner Stands are frequently used in offices, receptions, conference lobbies and shop floors. They are a hugely flexible marketing tool in that they can be set up and packed away easily, and can display any message you want.

What types of banner stand are there?

There's a range of banner stands, each with different properties and different uses. They are identified by their type, as detailed below; 

Roller Banner Stands

Roller Banner Stands

A roller banner stand, sometimes known as a pull up banner stand or a retractable banner stand, is a lightweight and easy to use banner system. The graphic panel is stored in a roller in the base for maximum protection whilst in transit. Roller banner stands are simple, effective tools for exhibitions, point of sale and office environments to display your message.

-  Graphic stored securely for transport
-  Easy to set up and assemble
-  Affordable banner stand option

Cassette Roller Banner Stands

Cassette Roller Banner Stands

Perfectly suited for those who require a roll up display, but want to be able to change graphics and promotions regularly. The cassette banner stand is very similar to the standard roller banner, with the key difference of having a changeable cassette or cartridge which holds the graphic. It can be removed from the base and switched easily, meaning you can swap displays depending on your audience. Cassette roller banner stands are popular in retail stores and exhibitions for this reason.

-  Graphics can be changed quickly and easily
-  Durable design
-  Cost effective way of marketing

Tension Banner Stands

Tension Banner Stands

Unlike roller banner stands or cassette banner stands, tension banner stands do not contain the graphic panel in the base. Instead, it uses an adjustable telescopic pole that can be extended to the required height. It creates a superb professional effect, and tends to reduce any curve in the graphic. The benefit of this system is that you can change graphics easily over time without replacing the hardware.

-  Graphics held in place via tension system
-  Often flexible in size
-  Well suited for retail and exhibition with changeable graphics 

Twist Banner Stand

Twist Banner Stand

The Twist Banner Stand is a game changer in the display industry. You can join together banner stands to create a seamless display wall in any shape or size. The flexi link banner stand can be used individually or together to create a seamless back wall. The graphic is held up via a tension system.

-  Create a seamless backwall 
-  Highly adaptable product, works with any shell scheme
-  Self levelling system for uneven surfaces

How do I design a banner stand?

We aim to make designing a banner stand as simple and easy as possible. Once you've chosen which banner stand works best for you, you can download the artwork template files either on the product page itself, or contact us and we'll send it over to you.

You can then design your banner stand exactly how you want it, and send it in ready to print. It's important to think about the logistics of where it will go and how customers will view it. Keep in mind that banner stands are often placed in high traffic areas, meaning there won't be much time for a potential customer to stop and read through lots of information. Keep it simple, and include thing such as logo and your key services and products near the top. Try and answer key questions such as who you are, where you are, what you sell and how a customer can contact you as a starting point.

If you're struggling with your banner stand design, use our professional graphic design team to help come up with an eye-catching design. Our studio rates are £60 per hour, and unlike other companies we charge at 15 minute intervals, so you'll only ever pay for the actual design time taken. As a rough guide, banner stands tend to take between 30 minutes to an hour.

How much should I pay for a banner stand?

Our range of banner stands have large variations in price, ranging from the Cricket Roller Banner Stand at £49.59 to the Barracuda Roller Banner Stand at £147.50. There are several reasons for the fluctuation in price, and it mainly concerns the hardware and duration of the guarantee. 

For example, the Cricket is an entry level banner stand, and is perfect for one off exhibitions or display. It features swing out feet for stability rather than being able to balance out with a wider casing footprint. The print quality and material used is identical to that of the premium Barracuda, the real difference is the design and quality of the hardware. The Barracuda features a lifetime guarantee, and paired with its sleek design it's plain to see why it's a superior product. 

Ultimately it's dependent on how many times you need to use your banner stand that should dictate the price you pay. We will never compromise on print quality at Creative Solutions, if you need advice or guidance on what banner stand is right for you, speak to our friendly team.

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